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About Nancy

Nancy Najarian grew up in a close-knit middle class family where she and her sister watched their father work hard to build a successful business from scratch, and their mother return to school to earn her college and Master’s degree to become a reading specialist. A resident of the Northern Virginia area since 1995, Nancy is a successful small business owner and an active volunteer in our community.

The values of hard work, fairness, and service to others were ingrained in Nancy early on. Nancy’s stepmother made a daring choice, to pursue a medical degree in her late 30’s and begin a lifelong career of providing medical assistance to those in great need, both here and overseas. It is the example Nancy’s family set for her - always giving back to the world more than they earn - that serves as a strong motivator for Nancy’s own desire and drive to run for Representative to the United States Congress. (8th District – Virginia).

Nancy has had a dual focus as a small business owner, to grow her companies and non-profit organizations while helping others to become successful. Seventeen years ago, she started a family business that brought an innovative product to the market for family-owned and operated vineyards. Testing and perfecting the product in our own VA vineyards, Nancy experienced the unique challenges of competing as a small U.S. business with international conglomerates. More recently, Nancy assisted green technology companies to bring their inventions to market, and as a business developer she has assisted companies to increase their competitive edge in the marketplace. She also is an experienced grant writer for non-profit organizations, helping to win grants that support their charitable work, including feeding school-aged children whose families have been hit hard by the economic downturn.

Nancy stays connected with her Armenian heritage through participation in local cultural events, such as the Alexandria Gyumri Sister City Festival held every year in June, fundraising for groups that provide humanitarian and educational assistance to Armenians here and abroad, and advising young Armenian professionals on careers in social entrepreneurism.

With decades of small business and economic experience and a strong background in teaching these values to others, Nancy can bring a real kitchen table perspective to Congress. Unlike many career politicians, Nancy truly understands the issues facing families in the modern economy. Whether it be making a payroll, paying for college, commuting to work or balancing family and a job: the challenges facing Northern Virginians are complex and Nancy lives them every day.

Nancy’s top concern is ensuring that the future for our children is full of even more promise and opportunity than the present. However, Nancy has seen how difficult it is for people to start a small business, grow a current business, or find good-paying jobs to support their families. One major impediment to economic progress is pay inequality between men and women. Nancy believes it is unacceptable for women to get paid less for a day’s work than their male counterparts. When Nancy gets to Congress, she will fight to close the gap on paycheck inequality. As a mom, she knows how that missing 23 cents on the dollar adds up in family budgets. As a small business owner she believes that paying people for their work, not only according to their gender, is the right thing to do. Another key area of focus for Nancy will be increased investment and promotion of STEM education for our children and young adults. This is critical in a modern economy.

As a PTA volunteer, and often a volunteer room mother for her two children’s classrooms in elementary school, Nancy is highly committed to our public schools and working to ensure opportunity exists for every child in Northern Virginia schools. She is proud to send both of her children to public schools right here. No one is more invested in successful public schools than Nancy. While Northern Virginia is home to some of the best public schools in the country, we must continue to prioritize our children and invest in the future.

In Congress, Nancy will continue to be a strong supporter for women’s health care; she will stand up to any Tea Party attempts to restrict access to women’s health care. She vows to work to expand coverage for contraceptive, prenatal, and preventive care for every woman.

These are the same values that Nancy and her husband, Mike, are raising their own children with today. They are the same values that inspire her in her own small businesses, in her non-profit and grant writing work, and in her volunteerism. Nancy shares these values with the citizens and residents of Congressional District 8, encompassing Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, McLean, and other areas of Fairfax County. She intends to carry these values with her as she represents Northern Virginia in Congress.

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